The trust and the college are committed to give the best education. We have also arranged series of orientation lectures for our faculty, conducted by senior professors of our university; and we also invite faculty from out station.


  • To offer selfless guidance to students of other homoeopathic colleges.
  • To treat the poor at very subsidized rate, we are running ten peripheral Homoeopathy dispensaries in Bhavnagar city and in rural areas, attended by reputed honorary homoeopathy of our city.
  • To raise health awareness, to conduct and to participate in programs for prevention of diseases.
  • To provide platform for medical professionals to refresh and update the knowledge of any discipline of medicine.



It is our vision to establish equality, healthy, wealthy, peaceful and prosperous society. It is also to see that there should not be any injustice, harassments or exploitation among people. For such a society, we prepare youth with the qualities of ethical  medical practice, leadership, intelligence, creativity, awareness and responsibility and to built healthiness in society and to aware them for health education and real education.

Mission :

To build up such professionals who can cope up with the changing circumstances of rural and urban society, one can establish ethical medical practice, equality, justice, and sustainable development with the awareness and co operation of people to fulfill the dream of the nation by their contribution to the society. For this one should have knowledge, expertise and values of re-establishment so that every citizen can live proudly, with prosperity & happiness in the society. To provide the best for the professionalism by education & training to the students is a mission of institute.


Recognised by :

Deaprtment of Health and Family welfare, Govt. of Gujarat

Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Gujarat

Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi

Department of AYUSH; Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. Of India.


Affiliation :

M.K. Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar– Gujarat

Status : Permanent Affiliation.